clt (Cross Laminated Timber)


CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) is a relatively recent material that has revolutionized the world of wood construction. The CLT panel consists of several layers of timber, which are glued together so that the directions of the adjacent layers’ fibers form a 90° angle.

  • This results in high dimensional stability and a tremendous load-bearing capacity.

  • The panels can function as structural walls, slabs, roofing, and veneer. Additionally, their thickness and length can be adapted to the requirements of each project.

  • This results in a solid, compact, and structurally stable construction. estable.

  • The adhesives used in CLT are non-toxic.

  • The components of this construction solution are manufactured off-site in a factory for increased productivity and greater control.

  • With CLT, less construction time is spent on-site, reducing risks and noise while allowing for superb cleanliness on-site.

  • The growth of CLT has surged in recent years because it is the only sustainable building material available on a large scale.


As CLT is glued with industrial adhesives and incorporates multiple layers of wood, glulam has a high resistance to chemicals, moisture, deformation, and/or twisting.


CLT can be used in many different ways: for beams, pillars, pergolas, roofs, hallways, stairs, panels, and veneer, among many others.


When using Niuform laminated beams, carbon is stored, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions are produced throughout the manufacturing process.

Not only is CLT up to 5 times lighter than concrete, but the wood is also carbon negative, as we exclusively use CMPC´s timber from sustainably managed forests (FSC®).

CLT building solutions change the future construction paradigm, opening the door to a new, ecological way of constructing buildings and large infrastructure projects in the 21st century.


One of the most significant benefits of projects using CLT, compared to other types of structures, is the ability to prefabricate the entire project. By prefabricating the whole project, you optimize time and resources and meet shorter deadlines as the installation process becomes more efficient.

  • PREFABRICATION: CLT is manufactured with machines in a controlled environment where remarkable precision is achieved while maintaining rigorous quality control.

  • REDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Throughout the entire manufacturing process, Niuform CLT stores carbon and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than any other material. The wood fiber used in CLT is traceable from FSC® certified forests to the job site, ensuring traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

  • STRUCTURAL STRENGTH + STABILITY: Niuform's CLT system is structurally comparable to steel and concrete; however, lighter and much more sustainable.

  • GREATER PROFITABILITY: Greater profitability is achieved with savings from reduced on-site construction time and the reduced variability in costs usually generated. These are the associated benefits of using a prefabricated system that is structural and has virtually no architectural constraints.

  • REDUCED CONSTRUCTION TIME: Compared to steel or concrete structures, CLT projects are installed in a shorter period due to the nature of prefabrication and the use of dry materials.


Niuform's construction solutions are manufactured with lumber from CMPCs forests, which are FSC® and CERTFOR-PEFC™ certified, guaranteeing strict and responsible forestry management. Additionally, our products have been tested according to European standard UNE-EN 16351 and may come with structural certification C16-C24, as required.